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  • Strawberry Oil Cruet


    Add this lovely piece of art to your view of your kitchen counter! forget about that basic green bottle everyone has. The texture of the raised dots adds an extra sensory element and visual appeal!

  • Melted Speck Bowl


    All I can say is “Wow!”  Yes, yes, I made it and am trying to get you to buy it, but there are some pots I pull out of my kiln and I’m blown away at how well they turned out.  This is definitely one of those.  It’s around 5 inches tall.

    You May want to check out the combination of this pot plus Warped Earth Platter! They look great together!!

  • Milky Way Vase


    Please note there is a crack in the bottom.  However, I have used a clear resin to cleanly seal the bottom, allowing for live arrangements.  But for me, I think I’d just sit it on a shelf with out flowers.  The way those crystals blossomed in the firing is crazy beautiful!

  • 2022 Love Handle Clay Christmas Ornaments


    The inaugural year of Love Handle Clay Christmas Ornaments!!  This year’s design features white, glossy glaze on dark brown clay.

    **NOTE**  See the picture for the style you would like.

    PayPal: For some reason, you have to select the option (A,B,C,etc.) you want before paypal is an option.

  • Round Cranberry with Loopy Handle


    Is your kitchen blue? Is it brown? This pitcher just might be for you!

    Click here to see the process of making this piece!

  • Warped Dirty Green Platter


    I’ve gotten into the habit of saving these “Failures” because they are actually pretty amazing.  And with this glaze!  Woah!!

    Spend some time looking at the close-ups.  This glaze does wonderful things!