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The Potters Cast

I had a great time chatting with Paul. If you’re not a follower of The Potters Cast, you definitely should be! Even if you are not a potter, it’s so enjoyable!

  • Sorry, but we already have a winner.
  • BUT!!! You can still play!
  • Get your Bingo Card here.
  • Listen to my episode here (episode 847). *** But you can play by listening to ANY episode!
  • Mark things off as you hear them. If you get a Bingo (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal), take a screen shot right away and DM it to me on Instagram. Oh, and you also have to yell “Bingo!” wherever you are 😉
  • The first DM on Instagram I get with a correct Bingo will win a mug. Paul has also said he will mail you a mug.