My Adventure to Clay

I’m Darren.
My 9-5 is teaching the little guys (K-6) general music in Southeast Ohio. I also love anything related to banjo and bluegrass.

I got into clay during the summer of 2019. After getting a random postcard in my mailbox at school, I went to the Arromont School in Gatlinburg, TN thanks to an Appalachian Art Grant. The grant was for ANY teacher in Appalachia.

Clay was nothing like I’d done thus far. It was so much fun! The picture is of my AMAZING teacher, Alice Ballard, and me during that week. (Check out her work by clicking on her name.) Although the week was hand building only, I was able to sneak 30 minutes on the wheel. I made an ash tray only a mother could love, and I was hooked! The other picture is of our entire Arrowmont class. I’d be at fault if I did not mention Mollye Spitler‘s wonderful assistance in teaching that week! (Again, check out her work as well!)

I got a wheel that fall for my birthday but didn’t start on it until Christmas break because I knew it would take dedicated time.

*Enter Covid*

I’m not saying I’m thankful for the pandemic, but I am thankful I had my beginner studio somewhat together right as lockdown hit. Summer break gave me more time to work on my skills, opening my Etsy shop. The fall of 2020, I talked my folks, who are extremely supportive, into getting me a wheel upgrade!


That Brent wheel made a WORLD of difference!!

Fast-forward to Black Friday when I gave the hard push for my social media & Etsy shop. It continued to do well through Valentine’s Day and had a steady flow of sales through spring ’21. Here we are now on my own site, a part from Etsy.

Next on the list was lucking into finding a used kiln at a good price.

You can find me every other Saturday (May-October) at the Meigs County Farmers Market on the Ohio River in Pomeroy, Ohio and on Instagram @lovehandleclay

Take a look at my work!